The Kindness Project

budsOn Tyler’s Birthday June 5th the Random Act of Kindness Project set out.  We were amazed and flattered to see the community local and afar making the effort to do random acts of kindness.

Letters from some of the participants in the project:


Hi! I saw your ROA at an air pump at Racetrac off Peachtree Parkway. Can I just say that was such an amazing reminder of the goodness in people?

I read Tyler’s story and cannot imagine your loss. As a mother of two boys, my heart goes out to you and your family. Keep doing what you do. It touches peoples hearts and made me grateful for what I have. Tyler’s legacy lives on through you and your family.

I would love to contribute to your cause in anyway that I can. I’m a hairstylist/makeup artist and would love to give you some gift cards for your baskets or raffles. I am a firm believer that when someone is treated with care and you help them look good- they feel good. Especially women going through tough times. I have worked in the past with chemotherapy patients doing their wigs and hairpieces as they navigate their life with a cancer diagnosis. I was blessed with the gift of compassion and will share that with your organization however you need me to serve.

Lots of Love and Blessings,
Ashley Woodall

Audrey Davern, Brooke Bolton and Lindsay Kallish and myself decided to do a day in the life of Tyler, the new 15 year old. He would have loved his birthday so we started at the Emory John’s Creek Maternity ward delivering messages and lollipops. All of the nurses kept passing us on to another desk because they loved what the girls were doing.

We went on the the ER department because I’m sure with all the sports he played and enjoyed, Carrie and Jeff might have been there a few times with Tyler!!! They even remembered us from last year…we left spreading cheer and tears with a crew from an ambulance that had just needed a break. They loved the RAK and graciously chomped at the sweets. We thanked them as well as the staff we encountered at Emory.

Off to the stores Tyler would have gone off to with family and friends….Hibbits loved the message with two mom’s hearing our words and cried. Starbucks was next and a batista was wearing her a tyler band and handed out drinks. We left more sweets and messages of Gamestop was next and the young manager asked the girls questions about Tyler. Yogurt Mountain, Jason Deli and Chipotle topped our list of Tyler spots. Some knew of the cause and others promised to pay it forward.

We decided to visit friends and spread the Tyler character some more. Each person loved the lollipops and loved hearing of a great young man. We loved our day, and hope to repeat more than on his birthday.



For our “random acts” this year we decided that we could identify 7 families who have had a rough year for one reason or another and we are planning on delivering anonymous fun family baskets in Tyler’s name…Our ideas include Ice Cream Basket (minus the actual ice-cream of course), Pancake Breakfast Basket, Pizza Basket, Movie Night Basket, S’Mores Basket
Alecia Mclaughlin

Hi, Its awesome to see kids with laughter, joy and hope! This summer, my daughter Morgan(14) and myself will spend a week volunteering at Lighthouse Retreat. Lighthouse Family Retreat serves families living through childhood cancer at seaside retreats, enabling them to laugh, restore family….
FB Dana Martin

Thanks Kade…Aidan & Hudson are THRILLED that you think they are cool kids. They can’t wait to hang out with you. Your “Random Act Of Kindness” in honor of Tyler Safarriyeh is appreciated!! You know you are the COOLEST kid, right?
FB Stephanie Cocchlara

Thank you for your random act of kindness shown at Starbucks this morning. I feel like I know Tyler because I have heard many stories about him and the amazing person he was from my friend whose brother used to play on the same baseball team as him. He will always be in my thoughts as prayers as well as your whole family. You are all such an inspiration to the many people you have touched through your amazing story.
Love, Mattie

On behalf of the staff of St. Benedict Catholic Church, I would like to say Thank You for encouraging random acts of kindness in Tyler’s name. We were treated to pizza, soda and cookies for lunch today! It was a wonderful surprise! The kids who left the treats did not give us their names, but we appreciate the gesture anyway!
Thank you and God Bless you and your organization.
Ann Shevlin

Good afternoon Carrie!
Kristin and Lindsey McCabe just stopped by our hotel with some roses for our guests in Tyler’s honor. Interestingly enough , last night I saw a post on Donna Rivers’ facebook and had already set out some gift bags for guests to take with Tyler’s Way info on them. Just wanted to let you know that we will be handing them both out to our guests tonight in his honor. Happy to support this worthwhile cause! Let me know if you ever need a certificate for a giveaway….
Mandy Campbell
Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta North/Johns Creek

I never knew Tyler, but I was indirectly affected by the kindness. I attended a lacrosse camp today and a girl named Sasha brought gummy candy to each and every of the 60 or so girls and told us about Tyler’s story. She said that she went to elementary school with him and wanted to do a random act of kindness in his honor! It made my day for sure!! 🙂
Annie Bennett

I received a wonderful surprise tonight at Starbucks in Statesboro, Ga. Thank you so much for this random act of kindness. It is amazing how good it makes you feel to receive a free drink. I was handed a little slip of paper by the cashier to check out Tyler’s story, so when I got up this morning that was the first thing I did. I had a good cry as I read his story, saw his pictures, and read how you are honoring his life. I know yesterday was a difficult day for you, but I can only imagine the numerous smiles that were put on people’s faces all because of Tyler. I am sure his birthday made a huge impact on a lot of people. I am honored that I was given the opportunity to read about Tyler and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to celebrate his birthday. In honor of Tyler, I will pay it forward. In the midst of all the tragedies that are going on in the world, it is so nice be a part of a wonderful mission to make this world a better place:)
Thank you again and may God Bless all of you,
Erin Smith

Hi Carrie,
My daughter and I were one of the blessed people who received our coffee free yesterday from your random act of kindness. I want to tell you thank you and how inspiring you are. I went onto your website and am so awed at all you and your family to do honor Tyler’s memory. My youngest son is 3 years old and was born with a neurological disease. He has definitely changed our lives in many wonderful and challenging ways. Your random act of kindness is a good reminder of what we need to appreciate every day. As a family, we recently started participating in charity events to show thanks for the love and support we have received over the last 3 years. I hope we will be able to participate in one for Tyler’s Way in the near future. Thank you for being such a great example of how to turn a tragedy into something that impacts others in a positive way.
Carolyn Mains

Thank you for the many acts of kindness shown to the residents at Belmont Village Senior Living at Johns Creek today. What a special way to remember your sweet son, Tyler, on his birthday.
May God Bless this Dear Family.
Jan Boatright

Thought I would recap for you Audrey’s day….

She and her friend, Taylor Greenberg, made 8 dozen cookies to deliver yesterday….they chose sites in Johns Creek, and wanted to say thanks for their service as well as spreading the message of Tyler…I loved watching Audrey as at each place we went, she spoke of Tyler in present tense and spoke of him as her best friend and said his CHARACTER was the message of the day.

First location was the fire station, as I told you last night, Chief Hogan was asking so many questions about Tyler. He asked Audrey about the face sticker….Audrey told him about his sport accomplishments proudly. He asked about his disposition, and she announced his character as a standout and told stories of their antics…she was emotional but oh so proud of him. We stayed for the 11alive filming with McCabes, and I was very proud of the girls and their oration of Tyler. Again, Chief Hogan was sweet.

Next stop, our police station. We asked them if they knew of Tyler, and several officers did, but again Audrey spoke of the day and Tyler. We went in the office, and delivered more. We traveled to the Sunrise nursing home, and the manager allowed us to deliver cookies at their tea, but due to privacy issues, no pictures. The residents were so grateful and proud that the girls were doing this act of kindness. We then went to JC nursing home, ran into the McCabes and delivered cookies to their delivered roses….smiles and chats ensued.

Our ER department at Emory Johns Creek listened with tears, and proudly accepted the cookies from the girls. Several doctors and nurses on staff enjoyed the treats. We went to our pediatricians office, and most of them knew the story and gladly accepted the treats and recap of the Act of Kindness.

Audrey, Taylor and I really enjoyed our day. They wanted to deliver more, but we ran out!!!! They can’t wait for next year and have planned how they will bake the cookies for delivery. I’m so glad we were able to ask people to visit the website and read the story of Tyler and your amazing family. We are so proud to participate in his legacy and continue his smile and service. He is one of kind, and has touched our family.

Hugs, 82 times, Susan Davern


We came home this afternoon from being out and noticed someone had left a small bag of candy on the front door with a coupon from the flyer. Not sure who it was; but it was a nice surprise.

Hi, I was at the IHOP today, I really do appreciate what you did today no words can describe the act of kindness that you presented to us today, you’re a wonderful person thank you so much,
Cristina Guzman, and family

Hello, My friend and I received free drinks at Starbuck’s in John’s Creek yesterday as a random act of kindness on behalf of Tyler’s Way. I went to the website and learned it was Tyler’s birthday. What a wonderful way to pay tribute to him. I just wanted to reach out and say thank you and let you know it made my day and inspired me to be more kind yesterday and today. I am still thinking of a way to pay it forward, but I promise I will. Thank you again!
Katie Wiltsey

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 2.35.43 PMIn honor of Tyler’s birthday we ( Lindsay Bennett, Justine Ulrich, Jenna Liming, and Eden Shappell) walked dogs around the neighborhood. We walked seven dogs in total. We had so much fun and it felt great to help out others. We also have a donation of $5 for Tyler’s fund.
Love, Lindsay, Jenna, Eden, and Justine

Thank you very much for the coffee this morning! I believe I was right behind you, but couldn’t read the note until I got my glasses in the car. I am so sorry for your loss. Although I can’t imagine nor ease your pain, I can help you continue what you are doing. I would like to donate 10 times what you gave me and will do so through KeyStone Bank.
Doug Turgeon

Dear Safarriyeh family. I’ve never met any of you, but my daughter goes to Findley Oaks so of course we heard about Tyler. I’ve thought of you all often, prayed for your peace and healing, and always wished I could do something. This morning I went to Starbucks and received the little note and your generous “random act of kindness”. I just want to thank you for so much more than the coffee: I was truly moved, amazed, and inspired at your ability to turn your grief into something so uplifting and positive in the memory of your son…in such a seemingly small way to each person. I think what you did was HUGE…you positively affected a lot of lives today. I don’t think I will ever forget this, I am truly inspired to think differently, and I promise to pay this forward in my own way. Thank you 🙂
Jill Blackwell

We celebrated Tyler today…..
My daughter and her best friend made 13 Birthday boxes each one filled with balloons, streamers, hats, invitations, horns, cake mix, icing, plates, and napkins…. Everything you need for a childs birthday party and we donated them to the north Fulton charity community food bank. Credit to Nicole Macafee for the idea.
Eleanor Brubake

Carrie, June 5th was our 30th wedding anniversary and we flew to Mexico. The customs line was long and it took about 2 hours to get thru the line. There was a lady standing in front of us that was by herself and left the line because she had to go to the bathroom so badly. I followed her and Mike held our place in line. When the lady came out of the bathroom she headed for the back of the line to start the process all over again, I told her to come with me and to get back in front of us. I would have done that anyway but really wanted to do something to honor Tyler. She was so grateful and I shared Tyler’s story with her and I could tell how much it touched her. I’m sure you received lots of stories and there were probably so many good deeds done in memory of Tyler I think of you and your family often and keep you in my prayers. Tyler’s life and story have touched so many lives including mine and my families. Honoring Tyler in this way was such a wonderful idea. I know Tyler is very proud of you and your family and appreciates and feels the love in his memory.
Love Kym C

On the evening of June 5th, I was on vacation in the Outer Banks, shopping at the Life is Good store in Duck, NC. I was about to check out and a boy, about 12 years old, walked up to the counter with his family. He handed the cashier and I a pack of Reese’s cups with a note. He told us that his friend Tyler died last year and that this was his favorite candy and today was his birthday—he was passing them out to remember his friend. Our family was very touched by his gesture and we have since visited your website and learned about Tyler and the great loss that his family has experienced. God bless you as you heal from the loss of Tyler and please know that the Kindness Project made us smile that day.
Missy Paciorek
Malvern, Ohio

Just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you and your family, including Tyler, all day today. Anne McCloud sent the information about the Community Kindness Project to me last night, and I’m so glad she did. As a very small token of kindness in honor or your precious son, I was able to give a little gift to a lady at the grocery store today (of all places!). I was checking out and a woman was standing on the other side of the checkout line holding a bundle of flowers. She was an older woman and clearly a bit confused. After I paid for my own groceries, I told the cashier that I’d like to pay for her flowers. I had to tell her several times, unfortunately, as simple acts such as this are so difficult for our society to comprehend. Anyway, the cashier finally took my money and said, “You’re gonna get your blessing today, honey. You’re gonna get your blessing.” I was embarrassed by this and said, “No, no…I’m just giving to someone else what’s been so freely given to me.” Then the flower lady said, “Come here, honey, I want to give you a hug. I give good hugs.” I chuckled inside because I’ve often been told the same thing. I walked toward her and said, “Oh yeah? Let’s see who really gives the better hug.” I do believe it was a toss up. So, Carrie and Jeff, while I’m sure you have received reports of much larger displays of kindness than my small encounter at the check-out, please know that throughout it all, I was thinking of your Tyler. I was doing my best to give some of the love that your son (as I’ve been told) so freely bestowed on everyone who crossed his path. I hope that this day has shown you that his spirit lives on and that his love will continue to work for good all around us.
Mary Busko

Good Morning, Thank you for your random act of kindness shown to me at the Starbuck’s in Johns Creek yesterday, June 5. What a surprise to learn that my order was free in memory of Tyler. (If I would have known that going in, I would have ordered more food and drink–just kidding.) I just wanted to let you know that your kindness was very much appreciated, and I will try my best to “pay it forward.” I also will keep Tyler in my thoughts and prayers and ask God that he find eternal rest with Him in heaven. And God bless Tyler’s family–may he bless you and sustain you.
Warmest Regards, Margaret

Carrie – I want you to know how much our family embraced the wonderful idea to do Random Acts of Kindness. Even though we just got home yesterday the kids scrambled to do something in Tyler’s honor. Yesterday, we made treat bags and delivered them anonymously with the coupons on them to 5 houses nearby that have children. Then Colin baked cookies and we delivered them to the woman next door who has 3 grown children and is always so kind to my children and to a new neighbor (who I am embarrassed to say, moved in 2 months ago!). Our new neighbor has a 4 year old boy and we did not even know it! They have not met anyone in our neighborhood yet – so it felt wonderful to make them feel welcome here. Thanks to you and Tyler for getting us to finally meet them. Finally – we were planning out our summer fun as well as making a chore list for each of the kids and they had the idea to continue “Random Acts of Kindness” all summer long. We plan to try for once per week all summer! You have such a way of bringing out the best in everyone around you by just being yourself…you are truly and inspiration to me.
Love, Alecia

I can’t tell you how special & memorable it was to honor your dear Tyler with acts of kindness yesterday. I honestly approached it as just that….honor Tyler and thereby honor his parents, maybe even bring them a pang of joy. Which I hope it does. But it turned out to be so much more than that. It actually meant so much to my kids and they got so into it on so many levels. They talked about Tyler all day; asked all kinds of questions about him. They drew pictures of him told all kinds of people about him. But they also just got into the act of giving. On the way home I asked them how it felt and they all said “so good”. So here’s what we did….
The kids made “have a nice day” cards which we paired with roses and delivered to residents of Belmont Village senior living. As the residents ate lunch, the kids walked up to each table and gave the ladies a card and a pink rose. We told each person that we were honoring Tyler. The kids endured a lot of hugs and were so good natured about it. Then we went to Ms. Vivian’s room, who shared a birthday with Tyler, to give her a rose and card, and it turns out she is from Gainsville!
Finally we made muffins and a card for our mailman.
Carrie, you are amazing for coming up with such a lasting and touching way to honor your son. We were so honored to be a part of it. I hope this becomes an annual way to remember Tyler on his birthday.
Love, The McClouds

Hi Carrie, I think this is such a wonderful idea and today I am going to the McCormick Arts Council Ketura, our local art gallery that holds summer camp for kids, and will sponsor two children for the camp in Tyler’s memory. Tom can tell you we live in a beautiful area but unfortunately 54% of the area is poverty level or below…. McCormick County suffers from an estimated 17%+ unemployment so there are many kids who can not afford the luxury of going to summer camp. The MACK offers a camp for kids where they have a reading program as well as an arts program . They teach pottery, drawing, jewelry making and other crafts for which the kids may develop a love. I think it’s a great program but have never sponsored a child for it before. This ‘act of kindness’ effort has moved me to do so and will do it for two children. I will include the information regarding Tyler in an envelope to be given to each of them. I have so often heard that God has a purpose for all of our lives and it seems to me that regardless of how much Tyler is missed, his short life has produced more positive meaning then many whose lives span decades. For that you have got to find some solace and I admire & commend your efforts to step above the depression and remorse for your loss to continue to give meaning for others through him.
Fondly, Marilyn Zuch

We did not know your son but Anne McCloud is a friend of ours. She grieved alongside you and has told us about Tyler. We pray for your family and for your terrible loss. I admire your courage to honor your child in an uplifting way that truly brings light and love to other people through your son. Today, we talked about Tyler. We talked about love and about being a family. We talked about doing something for others to honor someone’s life and spirit. So today, it seemed silly but the kids loved popsicles and thought about doing a good deed with popsicles. They wanted to buy Klondike bars for the ladies at the cash register at publix. I kind of laughed but went along with it. Olivia decided that the plain kind was best because “lots of people have allergies”. Anyway, we took them to register and told the ladies about what we knew of Tyler and that we were doing this in his honor. They literally came away from their registers and hugged all of us. They were so touched and I could feel their surprise. I also was surprised because you never know who needs a lift to feel love these days. I again am so sad for you and hope your heart heals although I know it will be slow. Thank you for your gift to my family and we will continue to make June 5 Tyler’s Day.
Hannah Cousar

My husband received his coffee and one of your cards this morning at Starbuck’s. I must say, that I am so touched by how you are keeping Tyler’s memory alive. This has inspired me to not only “pay if forward” but to take a little more time out of my day to appreciate everyone’s life, even if I don’t know them, or have never met them. Tyler was a beautiful child and I am so very sorry for your loss. Thank YOU for helping ME to remember.
Best Always, Jamie Ward

I wanted you and Jeff to know that my daughters and I had the most inspiring afternoon showing random acts of kindness to people in our community. We even took one of their friends along to help us. We visited our local firemen and gave them a cake and cards and then went to the Human Society to make a donation and visit the dogs. I think your foundation is a beautiful way to let Tyler live on and empower children to focus on what is truly important in life! I’ve attached some pictures for you. I hope all is well and you feel the love of your community today!

What a wonderful way to honor Tyler’s birthday today! We were so excited to be involved in such a project to commemorate what a special boy Tyler was. Amelia and Claire wanted to perform their Random Act of Kindness at the Sunrise Assisted Living home. Claire made dozens of cards to give to the residents and Amelia made cookies. Amelia and Claire went this afternoon to give out their treats and cards, and the residents and staff were so appreciative. They thought the idea of performing Random Acts of Kindness in Tyler’s honor was so special. The girls even made a poster to put at the entry way that said “Have a great Day!”. We handed out the coupons, and the flyer is on the poster for all to see that Tyler was the reason for the Random Acts of Kindness. I have attached a picture of the girls with the poster. I hope that the event turned out to be everything that you had hoped. In our case, it was wonderful to think of Tyler and the type of things that he would have done. I also perused the website today and am excited for you all for the future of Tyler’s Way Foundation.
Take care, Liz Beaudry

Lauren offered red roses to random people. It really made their day and tons of smiles and hugs were expressed. Spreading Tyler’s word and love Missing him always and healing with kind hearts.
The Ryans
— Today, while sitting in the drive thru to purchase food for myself and a coworker, a lady tapped on my window and gave me a coupon for the establishment that I was at, and quietly walked away. Attached to that coupon was one of the most beautiful examples of kindess that I’ve ever received: “This random act of kindness was done in loving memory of Tyler Safarriyeh.” Upon returning to work, I read Tylers Way website. Thru tears, I thanked God for my own beautiful daughter and family. I then printed out my own coupons, so that I, too can honor your son and family today. This comes at a very difficult time in my life, fighting for my own childs protection in court. As a single mom facing court tomorrow, this beautiful gesture restored my semi-broken faith in God, Angels, and myself. God Bless you, and your family. Happy Birthday Tyler! His legacy lives on!
Cherylyn Woody

Good Morning!!! I just want to thank you so very much for the Starbucks goodies I had this morning. It’s not very often in the world today that random acts of kindness still exist. I’m not sure you know me but I opened Findley Oaks as a kindergarten teacher and continue to teach there. I didn’t know Tyler personally but knew of Tyler. I use to tutor Kade and Jessie. This morning the memories of him flooded my mind. His memory continues to live in so many people. Thank you for such a nice way to start my day!!!!
Pat A. Martin