Meet Tyler

Tyler Safarriyeh was that rare kind of kid. The kind of kid that everyone seemed to know.  And more impressively, the one that everyone seemed to love.


Wise beyond his 11 years, anyone who ever met Tyler could see the spunk and sincerity he radiated, living each day to the fullest with dedication, amusement and sport.

He was an excellent student. He was a star athlete. He was a loyal protector among friends. And he was famous for a sense of hum

or and head of hair as full of life as he was. But most of all, Tyler was an adored son and brother. As the outgoing oldest sibling, he was a vibrant player in the active and always-adventurous Safarriyeh family. His love for his family defined him, and all his strength and values were centered at home.

A snow skiing accident in 2011 ended Tyler’s charmed life way too soon, but people of any age can learn from the example he set in his short years. His passion for life is what made it worth living. And what makes it so admirable in his absence.

Our family has worked hard on our healing since the accident. It has been difficult as I am sure anyone can imagine. Losing a child in any manner is incredibly painful. Losing a child in such a tragic and sudden way before your eyes adds a different dimension to your grief and your healing. Our family has so much love within it and we are so loved by so many friends and people who care. That love has given us the strength to start healing and living this “new life” without our son Tyler here with us.

It is our hope that Tyler’s Way will help many communities, families and individuals feel the love and support that is around them.

Love Life. Laugh Often. Play Hard. Live like Tyler lived, and you will live a life worth living.