Presenting Good Character Leaves Lasting Impressions

I once heard someone say the true meaning of life is people. Our relationships that help shape us and the impact we leave with others. I didn’t understand this idea completely but what else is there? We all get caught up in always wanting to be first, to have more “stuff”. We are all in this together so we should attack each day wanting to make a positive impact on people around us. After we lost Tyler no one ever talked about his cool shoes or clothes, they talked about the impact he left in their lives. We got letters of the time he stopped a bully picking on a younger kid, helping the kindergarten girl off the bus to her class the first day of school. Always being there for his teammates and friends.

We found this video and I thought it was the ultimate show of character. For these young men to understand that theory at such an early age is amazing to me. It impacted all of them more than they ever thought. Just like Brian Stann said at the 2013 Tribute To Tyler Walk, “Do a good deed and you will be amazed how it makes you feel!”

I hope this video inspires you as it did me to get out there and make the world a little better!
Play Hard!
Coach Jeff Safari