Fall Newsletter

A New School Year

We hope everyone had a great summer and you are now getting settled into what will be a great school year!

The Tyler’s Way Board and foundation are excited about the great events and community support we will be providing this year.  We support our mission of Community, Character and Family through Character Education Awards, TS82 Scholarships, sports scholarships, grief baskets and family support. We are expanding our reach this year adding more Johns Creek schools and more sports scholarships through different organizations.

We thank you for your continued support which enabled us to give over $5000 to recipients of these awards last year.

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A Note From Carrie

I sometimes struggle with finding our precious family time during a busy school year of shuffling kids to sports and activities and the additional time focused on school work. In line with our family mission, I wanted to share some helpful advice and ideas I have found to bring our family back together:

· Take a walk as a family-with no phones, television or household distractions, the conversation will flow. We have found it fun to sometimes add a short scavenger hunt list for our little one which adds additional fun.

· For those little ones, set a timer for 20-30 minutes and give them your undivided attention to play games, color, read etc. Put your phone away and don’t let anything distract you during that time. Twenty minutes of total time is much better than an hour of time spent sporadically checking your phone. Kids notice.

· Try to schedule at least one meal a week as a family. If week nights aren’t possibly due to children’s activities or work then find time during the weekend to do a big breakfast, brunch or even linner(that’s what we call a meal after lunch but before dinner)

· Take the time to read to your kids or just talk to them as they go to bed. Don’t send them off to bed on their own. If you have little ones, a good short book gives you one on one time to snuggle and let them feel loved as they close their eyes at the end of the day.

For older kids, ten minutes of talking to them about their day as they wind down for the night shows them they are important and things in their life matter as well.

Good luck to everyone on a great school year and don’t ever take for granted what is right in front of you! Family is everything and life is precious!

With Love,

Carrie and the Tyler’s Way Foundation

Love Life, Laugh Often, Play Hard